3 Beard Essentials Beginners

Posted by Golden Grooming on April 02, 2024
3 Beard Essentials Beginners

The bristly world of beard care for beginners is like the early stages of learning a new instrument – it needs patience, the right tools, and a bit of practice to hit the right notes.

Whether you’re looking to grow a close-cropped chin curtain or a full, flourishing facial forest, we’re about to give 3 beard essentials you need to know.

Understanding the Basics of Beard Maintenance

At the heart of a well-kept beard is beard maintenance tips that serve as your bread and butter.

These tips aren't merely suggestions, they are the commandments that will shape your beard’s destiny.

It starts with comprehending that your beard, much like the hair on your head, has needs – hydration, nutrition, and regular grooming.

Training your beard to grow in the desired direction, preventing itchiness and flakiness, and keeping both your skin and facial hair healthy are all part of the beard-growing journey.

Top Beard Care Products Every Beginner Needs

Before you can build the Sistine Chapel of beards, you have to lay the mortar – and that’s where the essential beard products come into play.

Beard Oil

The cornerstone of any budding beard aficionado’s kit, beard oil helps to condition your facial hair, offer nourishment to your skin and give your beard that sought-after sheen without feeling greasy.

Look for oils with natural ingredients, like Avocado Oil or Vitamin E, which are closer to your skin's natural sebum.

Golden Grooming’s Beard Oil has both of these and thousands of testimonials have shown that it has given beard growers all over the country the results they were looking for—a healthy, thick, and soft beard.

A man holding a bottle of Golden Beard Oil

Beard Balm

To wrangle stray hairs and provide some styling hold, a beard balm with shea butter and beeswax is indispensable.

It's also a superb best beard care product for beginners because it doubles as a leave-in conditioner, delivering moisture throughout the day.

Our Top Pick: Golden Grooming’s Beard Balm

A man smelling Golden Grooming beard balm

Beard Comb or Brush

Whether made from wood or boar bristle, a good quality comb or brush is essential for evenly distributing oils, styling, and exfoliating your skin to prevent ingrown hairs.

Step-by-Step Guide to Your First Beard Grooming Routine

Starting a beard routine needn't be a daunting task. With how to start a beard grooming routine, you can streamline the process with focused steps:

  1. Clean: Use a gentle beard cleanser to wash away oil build-up and debris. Pat, don't rub your beard dry to prevent any damage to the hair.
  2. Hydrate: While your beard is slightly damp, apply a few drops of beard oil by rubbing it in your hands first and then into your beard. Massage it down to the skin to prevent dryness and flakiness.
  3. Style: Apply beard balm to give your beard a pleasant luster and a slight hold, which is excellent for longer beards needing some taming.
  4. Comb: Using a beard comb or brush, gently shape your beard and mustache, ensuring to work through any knots without tugging harshly, which can lead to hair breakage.
  5. Trim: When necessary, trim your beard to maintain your desired shape and remove any split ends that can make your beard look unkempt.

Sticking to these essential steps for beginner beard care will not only give you an edge in your pursuit of beard mastery but help you transform from novice to seasoned beard bearer.


Going on your beard journey with a collection of beard grooming basics can turn what seems like a wild thicket into a well-groomed display of manliness.

Through beard maintenance tips, investing in essential beard products, and disciplinary grooming, you're laying the groundwork for success.

For any beginner's guide to maintaining a healthy beard, remember that patience plays a major role as you learn and adapt to what works best for you.

Yes, achieving clear skin for men is nothing short of a personal conquest, but with this guide in your pocket, the path to beard greatness is calling with open arms.

So, let your beard journey begin with confidence, equipped with the knowledge that every great beard, no matter the style, starts with a good routine.