Beard Balm Vs. Beard Oil – Which Is Better for Black Men?

Posted by Sam Davis on November 30, 2019
Beard Balm Vs. Beard Oil – Which Is Better for Black Men?

Once your beard starts growing, you’ll start looking for ways to keep it full, healthy, and moisturized because no-one likes a patchy beard. By now, you’ve probably seen hundreds of beard products, beard kits or beard care sets that include both a beard balm and a beard oil, and you may be wondering what’s the difference or which one is right for you. This can get especially tricky if you’re looking for the best beard products for black men. If this sounds familiar, then you’re in the right spot. We’re here to break it down for you so you can understand what beard balms and beard oils actually do to help your beard.

What is Beard Balm?

Beard balm is a leave-in conditioner that moisturizes, conditions, softens your beard. Think of it as “beard lotion”. Black men’s facial hair thrives from moisture, so hydration is absolutely critical.  The best are natural beard balms are plant-based and don’t contain those cheap harsh chemicals. Beard balms with shea butter typically provide extreme hydration without the greasy residue. If you’re really focused on growing your beard, beard balms with black castor oil are great because this ingredient is proven to increase blood flow and nutrients to the hair follicles, which ultimately increases beard growth. Organic beard creams have been proven to be better for your entire body, as they do not contain harsh chemicals. If you’re looking for the best beard balm in the game, one that softens, moisturizes, stimulates growth, and prevents beard dandruff (at the same damn time) you have to check out our natural beard balm, it’s nothing like the other beard balm products out there.

What is Beard Oil?

Beard oil or beard growth oil provides hydration to the skin underneath your beard. The consistency of beard oil makes it perfect for penetrating through your beard to get to the skin and beard follicles underneath. Again, black men’s beards tend to be coarse and curly, so keeping your beard fully moisturized is a major key. The best beard oils have all-natural ingredients and contain at least 4 different types of oils. If your beard is itchy and you need relief, all-natural beard oil is your best bet. If you suffer from beard dandruff, also known as beardruff or beard split ends,  you should definitely incorporate beard oil into your routine. Check out our natural beard oil If you’re looking for the best beard oil for black men, one that keeps your beard moisturized, soft, and is proven to help your beard grow. There’s literally nothing else like it.

Similarities Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

The best beard growth oils and beard balms are made with the best natural ingredients. For various reasons, beard balms and beard oils are both essential to a nice healthy beard. Beard balms and beard oils will keep your beard looking soft, smooth, and hydrating, which is the trifecta of beard gang excellence, especially for black men.

Differences Between Beard Balm and Beard Oil

Beard oil absorbs more quickly and penetrates more deeply than beard balm, which leaves a matte finish, instead of a glossy or shiny one. Beard balm is thicker in texture and takes longer to absorb, meaning that beard balm will actually sit on your beard and skin longer than beard oil. This results in a little extra shine and longer-lasting moisture than traditional beard balm. Beard balm can also help you style your beard to make it look nice and neat. Black men’s beard texture can sometimes make it hard to shape, but beard balm will definitely help.

The Importance of Natural Beard Care Products

No matter if it’s beard balm or beard oil, make sure your products have natural ingredients. Natural beard care products tend to be less abrasive and more soothing. Natural beard care products also provide a more beautiful (and safer) scent, instead of artificial fragrances. All-natural beard care products typically have fewer side effects than conventional products, since they don’t use parabens as a preservative. If you happen to have a beard care sets that includes a beard brush or beard comb, they should be natural as will

The Bottom Line

A black mans beard grooming routine should never neglect facial hair. Beard balm and beard oil keep your beard moisturized, but they provide unique sets of benefits. Beard balm helps your beard in ways that beard growth oil can’t, and vice-versa. If you really want the best beard possible, we recommend using both beard balm and beard growth oil in your daily routine. Our beard grooming kit for black men literally has everything you need to step up your beard game – conditioning beard balm, natural beard oil, moisturizing beard shampoo, beard brush, and beard comb. Using beard balm and beard oil at the same time can definitely take your beard to the next level, but be sure not to overdo it.  Using too much beard balm or beard oil can clog up your beard follicles and create new problems. This is why fellas buy beard care products from Golden Grooming Co., they're powerful and potent, so a little goes a long way. Start off using the recommended amounts and slowly work your way up if you need more hydration. Buy beard care products


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