How to Choose The Best Body Lotion for Men

Posted by Golden Grooming on January 28, 2020
How to Choose The Best Body Lotion for Men

No lie, men are becoming more careful and conscious when it comes to their grooming routine, and yes, we’re very thankful. With this new wave of mindful self-care, men are also realizing the importance of moisturizing their skin. No one wants to be the guy with ashy hands in the office, the guy with ashy knees and elbows at the gym, or the guy with rough feet during a Netflix & Chill date night.  Keep reading to find out about the benefits associated with moisturizing daily and what you should look for when choosing the best body lotion for men.

Why Body Lotion is Important for Men

You’re fresh out of the shower and it may be tempting to skip the body lotion and  just throw on an outfit – trust us, we get it. You may be thinking that a body lotion for men will just get rid of your ashy skin, but the best body lotions for men will do so much more. A good body lotion is going to help you to retain all of the moisture that is already in your skin. It also helps with replenishing any of the moisture you lose each day, whether this is from the cold winter air or taking a shower. Without the right body moisturizer, skin gets dry and cracks, and you can also end up with irritating skin conditions too. 

What makes a great body lotion for men? 

Men tend to have thicker skin than women, making it prone to dryness and cracking. Choosing a moisturizer specifically for men will ensure that the moisturizing ingredients can penetrate deeper. When choosing the best body lotion for your skin, you want to look for three things: 1) Moisture  2) Protection and 3) Healing. It can be difficult to find a body lotion for men that provides all three benefits NATURALLY, that’s why we created our Ultra Moisturizing Body Balm. When choosing a body lotion, pay special attention to the ingredients. Afterall, each ingredient is going to have a different job,  so you should take the time to assess the ingredient list and determine what the product is going to do for you. Aside from this, you want a body lotion that is going to be right for your type of skin. You also want something that smells nice and is easy to apply. Reading reviews that have been left by previous customers online is a great way to get an understanding of the product and whether it lives up to expectations.

Why is natural body lotion better than chemical-filled body lotion? 

It is important to make sure you choose a natural body lotion for a number of different reasons. Not only will this be better for your skin but it is going to be better for the environment as well. The best body lotions for men tend to be more soothing and cause less irritation while conventional products use synthetic scents to mask their cheap synthetic ingredients. Natural body lotion will work better than conventional body lotion because it doesn’t contain any unnecessary fillers and you’ll be less likely to experience any strange side effects. Finally, natural body lotions  are better for men because the mass-market body lotions can also contain parabens, which studies suggest can reduce testosterone levels and sperm production. What man wants that?

Why Golden Grooming’s Body Balm  is The Best Body Lotion for Men

There are lots of different body lotions available for men today. However, as you will have discovered from the information above, not all moisturizers are created equally. Here at Golden Grooming Co, we have worked hard to create a body lotion that is made from ingredients that will deliver all of the nutrients your skin needs, and nothing that it doesn’t need. It features a mixture of vitamins K, E, and D, as well as antioxidants and essential oils that hydrate, condition, and repair ashy, cracked, and dry skin, while also protecting your skin in the future.