Shaving Smarter: How to Prevent Ingrown Hairs in Summer

Posted by Golden Grooming on June 28, 2024
A man shaving his beard to prevent ingrown hairs.

Summer sun, outdoor fun, and unfortunately for some, a prime time for battling ingrown hairs during the summer.

If you’ve ever dealt with the annoyance of ingrown hairs, you know they can be a real damper on your summer vibes.

Getting a close shave without the backlash of ingrown hairs doesn't have to be a mythical feat, especially for black men who often grapple with this issue due to naturally curly hair types that tend to curl back and re-enter the skin after being cut. 

But fear not! You can prevent ingrown hairs in hot weather with a few smart shaving strategies, regular exfoliation, and meticulous post-shave care.

Here’s a breakdown of how to keep those ingrown hairs at bay during the blazing summer months.

The Right Shaving Techniques: Your First Defense

Proper shaving techniques are crucial in your quest for ingrown hair prevention in hot weather. It’s all about minimizing irritation and ensuring your hair can grow back without curling into your skin.

  1. Always start with a clean, soft face: Use warm water or a warm towel to soften your hair and open up the pores. This prep step is crucial as it reduces the chance of razor snags and cuts which can become breeding grounds for ingrown hairs.

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  1. Choose the right razor: A sharp, multi-blade razor is ideal. Blunt blades tug on your hair rather than cutting it cleanly, which increases the likelihood of hair curling back into the skin.
  2. Shave in the direction of hair growth: While shaving against the grain might seem to give you a closer shave, it increases your risk of ingrown hairs and skin irritation. Keep it gentle, with light strokes.
  3. Don’t forget to change your blades: Regularly changing your razor blades prevents the risk of shaving with a dull blade, which can contribute to ingrown hairs during summer.

Exfoliation: Keeping the Path Clear

Exfoliation is an often underrated hero for preventing ingrown hairs in the hot weather. Removing dead skin cells is key to keeping the skin clear and lifting any hair trapped beneath the surface.

Here’s how you should exfoliate:

  • Choose the Right Tool: Look for a facial scrub designed specifically for men's skin, or choose a scrub that's gentle enough for daily use on your face. Products with natural ingredients can be particularly soothing.
  • Prep Your Skin: The best time to tackle exfoliation is right before you shave or when you're in the shower. The steam opens up your pores, making it easier to get a deep clean.
  • Apply and Scrub Gently: Work the exfoliator into your skin using gentle, circular motions. Pay special attention to the areas where ingrown hairs tend to pop up. The scrub will help lift away dead skin cells and free up trapped hairs.
  • Rinse Well: Wash off the scrub with cool water. This will help close the pores and calm your skin.

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Aftercare: Locking in the Moisture and Protection

Post-shave care is pivotal in ingrown hair prevention in hot weather. Soothing the skin and providing adequate moisture after shaving helps prevent irritation that could lead to ingrown hairs.

  1. Cool it down: Splash your face with cold water after shaving to help close up the pores, reducing the potential for irritation and inflammation.
  2. Apply an aftershave: Use products designed to soothe and protect. Look for aftershaves that are alcohol-free to prevent drying out your skin.

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  1. Moisturize: Keeping your skin hydrated is critical, especially in summer. A good moisturizer not only soothers but also forms a protective barrier against environmental elements.

Using Our Specifically Formulated Shaving Products

Our range of shaving products is designed with the unique challenges of black men’s skin and hair type in mind.

From hydrating shaving gels to our exfoliating facial scrubs and soothing aftershaves, each product complements the other to provide a comprehensive care routine aimed at preventing ingrown hairs during summer.


The Bottom Line

Remember, dealing with ingrown hairs in hot weather is all about prevention and proper care. With the right techniques and products, you can enjoy a smooth, bump-free summer.

Don’t let ingrown hairs keep you from your favorite seasonal activities, adopt these strategies and keep your skin as radiant as the summer sun!