5 Tips for Shaving All Types of Beards

Posted by Glenn Lompon on March 15, 2024
A man shaving his beard

Shaving might seem like a daily chore for some, but it truly is an art.

And just like any craft, it requires skill, the right tools, and a bit of know-how to achieve perfect results, especially regarding the diverse range of beards.

Whether you've got stubble or a full, bushy mane, these simple tips will guide you toward a smoother shave every time.

1. Prepare Your Beard

Prepping your beard is key.

You want to make sure your facial hair is clean and soft before shaving. A warm shower does wonders—it opens up your pores and softens the beard, making it easier to cut.

If a shower isn't an option, at least wash your face with warm water and a mild soap. This step reduces the risk of irritation and razor burn.

2. Choose the Right Tools

a smiling man pouring a shaving gel

Your tools can make or break your shaving experience.

Always use a sharp razor that glides smoothly without tugging. Dull blades can lead to cuts and razor bumps. A quality razor paired with a reliable shaving gel is a winning combo.

Look for a shaving gel with coconut oil like Golden Grooming’s Shaving Gel. It is natural and gentle on the skin, offering an extra layer of protection and hydration that ensures a closer, more comfortable shave. 

3. Shave with the Grain

Shaving in the direction of hair growth (with the grain) means less irritation and fewer nicks.

It might not give you the closest shave, but it's gentler on your skin. If you need a closer shave, first shave with the grain, reapply the gel, and then go against the grain for a second pass.

Just remember that this can increase the risk of irritation, so it's important to be extra careful.

4. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

golden grooming aftershave bottle

After shaving, your skin is vulnerable. An aftershave product , particularly one with vitamin E, can make a big difference.

Vitamin E is a superhero when it comes to skincare. It soothes the skin right away, helps prevent irritation from shaving, and nourishes your skin for the whole day.

Slap on a vitamin E-rich aftershave and give your freshly shaved skin the boost it needs.

5. Regular Maintenance

Keep up with your beard to make each shave easier.

Even if you're growing it out, trim it regularly to prevent split ends and keep it neat. Make shaving or trimming a part of your routine, and you'll find that managing your beard becomes second nature.

And that's it—simple, right?

Whether you're a shaving rookie or you've been in the beard game for years, these tips will keep your face in top form.

To sum it up: Prep your beard, choose your tools wisely, always shave with the grain, moisturize with aftershave containing vitamin E, and keep regular maintenance.

And don't forget—investing in good products like Golden Grooming’s Shaving Gel with coconut oil and Aftershave  with Vitamin E pays off. Here's to a smoother shave and a happier beard!